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Support is fundemental. You shouldn't have to worry about whether your website is up or down - we'll look after that. We'll also look after you. We're not here simply to make sure your website is up, we're here to make sure it's up the way you want it to be. We thrive on customer satisfaction, and go out of our way to make sure that you have no reason to be unhappy with your service.
As well as our reliable solutions, we give you a complex support system. Our primary method of support is support tickets which can be sent through the client area/billing system. Tickets are always replied to promptly. Every order is done through the client system which means if you have one of our services, you will have an account on the client system. Support tickets are checked very regularly - even if the live support is online/offline. You can be sure that your hosting, SHOUTcast or any service you have with us, is 100% safe. You can e-mail support@tech-hosts.co.uk with any support queries, and it will automatically create a support ticket on our client system.
We're available 24/7 via email. All emails sent to the below addresses go straight to our ticket system and are seen and responded to by anyone in our entire support team. Use the emails below suitable for your enquiry :
sales@Microwebhosting.net - Sales Department
support@Microwebhosting.net - Support Department
billing@Microwebhosting.net - Billing Department
abuse@Microwebhosting.net - Abuse Department (for reports of illegal activity etc.)

You can also call us on 0844 357 6 357 Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

  • "Great company! Very prompt with getting back in touch with you when you contact them, and very helpful. Provide a great service and also have some great discounts!"Sunny Paji
  • "What makes Microwebhosting stand out is the rapid and professional response from their support, the hassle free process when ordering and the great follow up by their support."Mikael
  • "Since I started my journey on Microwebhosting I loved it, the support and the product qualities are amazing. Keep up the good work, I consider it one of the UK's biggest Web Hosting Enterprise!"Joao Soares
  • "Great service!!! Have no regrets. Would recommend to others. So far its one of the best hosting companies I know. I am very happy and satisfied with the service I receive. Great Job Microwebhosting."Nibal
  • "I have been with Tech Host's for almost 4 years now and I just have to say that they have one of the BEST support teams out there!"Chad Cardiff

  • "Have been with tech-hosts since around 2008 have had nothing but a great relationship with them,
    always been helpful and quick to sort any issues even if not relating to their products or services.
    Since the recent take over the new support team(and old) have been excellent, fast and very polite and friendly cant fault them for their dedication and customer services" Dave King