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Licenses We Offer

We always recommend a variety of different software packages for different users and their requirements. As we are always recommending software, we have become providers of licensing for some of the non-free software packages. This page lists all the licenses that we can sell to anyone, we can offer licenses for some other software such as ClientExec but only to our own customers - contact us for information about that. Some licenses displayed here may be a lower cost if you buy them with another product from us.

WHMPHP License (Master Reseller Software)

WHMPHP Licenses - An easy to use Master Reseller control panel, enables a server owner to sell a new level of reseller hosting , called Master Reseller hosting. With the Master Reseller, a reseller can resell WHM accounts, control the reseller quotas, assign private name servers, suspend, unsuspend, as well as terminate. Our cheap WHMPHP licenses offer the excellent full functionality of WHMPHP at a lower price. WHMPHP is fully integrated to the billing system WHMCS so that the master reseller creation is automated! For more information on WHMPHP, see their website.
Only £4.00 per month!

cPanel VPS License

cPanel is the industry leader for turning standalone servers into a fully automated point-and-click hosting platform. Tedious tasks are replaced by web interfaces and API-based calls. cPanel is designed with multiple levels of administration including admin, reseller, end user, and email-based interfaces. These multiple levels provide security, ease of use, and flexibility for everyone from the server administrator to the email account user. cPanel powers web hosting companies and organizations that have a need to automate and offer competitive hosting services.
Only £10 per month!
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